Sunday, October 23, 2016

Haloween Work on Writing Activities!

We are well into the school year and STILL launching our Daily 5 rotations!

Every class is different and this year my class needs a lot of modeling and a lot of extra practice working independently. 

BUT the one rotation we have finished building our stamina on is WRITING!

I absolutely love writing and I love creating fun writing products that are easy for my students to grab and go. 

This October I put out my Halloween Writing Pack and it has been a HUGE hit!

I use a colored cart with 8 labeled drawers for students to choose their writing options from. 

Choice is the BEST way to get students excited about writing as well as keeping them from getting bored of doing the same activity every day! 

I LOVE this work on writing pack because I can make copies and then leave it out in my writing cart all month! 

Here are some of the activity included in this pack:

This is THE favorite activity during work on writing! The first drawer in my writing cart is full of stickers ( I change them out seasonally) and students grab 3 stickers and a paper and go back to their seat to work. I have them put their 3 stickers down, sketch their story with a pencil and write their story!

I copy these cards double sided, so my firsties can color the front and have the writing lines on the inside! They love writing cards for their friends and family! 

In this pack there are 3 choices of different how to writing activities. We are just starting Procedural Narratives so this gives students a chance to practice what they are learning during our Writers Workshop!

Spooky setting writing pages allow students to practice what they have learned about setting while writing! Each page has a fun Halloween themed graphic and students sketch the setting around it and then write a story about it! 

This writing pack has 22 pages of activities to supplement your writing station during the month of October!