Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Wish Mini Lesson and Bulletin Board!

I love Christmas time with my firsties!

This is a bulletin board my mom did for 30 years and I plan to carry on the tradition. 

First, I hang my reindeer on my bulletin board:

Then I read my students A Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson

We make a circle map as a class to brainstorm all the things we would wish for this Christmas. After reading this story - I guide students to make choices like: World Peace, Food for all the Hungry, My Grandma not to Be Sick...etc. 

Then students create this quick and very easy craftivity:

They write at least one sentence about what their wish for Christmas is, then color around the lines/the back! I even let them use a little glitter glue :)

Last I hang the ornaments from the Reindeer Antlers. 

The students came up with some of the SWEETEST Christmas Wishes:

Enjoy this freebie in your classroom!

Happy Teaching 

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